Now available as a download for the first time, Wandaland was written in 2010 for a preparation workshop for German volunteers.

It was played dozens of times since. This version was revised and translated to English for Knutpunkt 2014 where it was played by the most international crowd (with Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, German, Palestinian, Brazilian participants).

We hope you enjoy and tell us about your experience.


This Zip is about 5.5MB in size and contains 7 files:

Wandaland 1 (Guide) Web.pdf
Wandaland 2 (Roles) Web.pdf
Wandaland 3 (Introduction).pdf
Wandaland 4 (Printouts pt.1).pdf
Wandaland 5 (Printouts pt.2).pdf
Wandaland 6 Information.pdf
Wandaland 7 Relations.pdf

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